Our lift uses hydraulic arms to lift the spa cover off the spa and out of your way. You fold over half the cover onto the other half and the arms do the lifting. Once the cover is lifted the hydraulic arms lock in place. Some lifts require two to four feet beyond the spa to store the cover, but the lift we offer needs only inches. Using only inches allows for use in gazebos, up against walls, and indoor applications. The lift we offer is capable of adapting to most installations, whether your spa is inground or in a cabinet.

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Our Aluminum Spa Covers have been covering spas and keeping children and pets safe for over 35 years. We use superior materials and hand make each cover. These customized covers are not a one and done cover, but will last for many years. Our Aluminum Spa Covers can hold up to 800 lbs; snow loads are no problem, they will support weight and won’t buckle in the middle. Make this the last spa cover you ever buy. Designer options/colors available. Call one of our customer service representatives today, we are here to answer your questions.

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