Relaxing at the end of a long, hard day is much easier when you can sit in the warm waters of a spa. Your cares and worries get swept away as the jets make bubbles swirl around you. With regular maintenance, you can enjoy your backyard oasis year round.

You will benefit from the use of aluminum hot tub covers. It protects children and pets from falling into the water while helping conserve the water in your hot tub. We understand this and have the right cover waiting to help you get years out of your hot tub.

4 Uses for Used Hot Tub Water

As a responsible owner, you understand that your spa will need to be drained, cleaned, and refilled. The idea of pouring a few hundred gallons of water all over your lawn is not only daunting, but it may be a violation of city ordinances or laws. The liquid in your tub is considered grey water. It’s not suitable for drinking but has other uses, such as:

  1. Watering plants: After letting the container sit for three days to allow the chlorine to dissipate, you can adjust the pH level so it is in a range between 7 and 8. You can then drain the tub into other containers or use a submerged pump to spray water onto your plants. If you have a saltwater tub, take care that your plants are salt-tolerant before spraying. (Extra Tip: When redoing your landscaping, look for those plants that will not easily wash away.)
  2. Washing cars or boats: Use a submersible pump and a long garden hose to reach from your spa to your driveway. Wet down your car, place the hose on the lawn so it gets a little water, scrub your vehicle, and then rinse it off. In essence, you have managed to take care of two tasks at once.
  3. Flushing toilets: You may not need to do this daily. Instead, if water restrictions have been put in place, you can pour the water into your toilet to flush it. Consider that a 400-gallon hot tub is enough to rinse 250 times. It could be convenient.
  4. Washing decks or driveways: Similar to cleaning your vehicle or boat, you can use the grey water to wash down your deck and outdoor furniture or rinse off your driveway. Looking for Deck sintetico for your home and office then you have right place.

As a reminder, always check with your local municipality and homeowner’s association for restrictions on handling the grey water that comes from your spa. It is better to follow the rules than to pay hefty fines for breaking the law.

Conserve Water in Between Fills with Aluminum Hot Tub Covers

Recycling and conservation can be at the top of your list when you care for your spa and use a hot tub cover. Be-Lite Spa Covers can withstand heavy weight while keeping water in. We work with you to find the perfect size and color. We even walk you through the correct steps to get a custom fit. Use our template designer for added convenience. Call with any questions you have as we love sharing our knowledge so that you get the most from your hot water oasis.

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