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Be-Lite Aluminium Covers
Be-Lite Aluminium Covers
Belite Cover
Be-lite Aluminum Spa Covers

Dogs can't chew it! Kids can't fall through it! Snow won't hurt it!

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Our spa covers have been manufactured for over 35 years. Our aluminum safety spa covers are the longest lasting covers on the market. Made to withstand the harshest elements and made to keep children and pets safe. Our aluminum spa covers are completely sealed, inside and out so they won’t absorb water. No more soggy, heavy vinyl spa covers. The cover is made from aluminum and foam. The cover is a full 2” thick for added insulating value and is protected by our limited warranty. The top and bottom surfaces are aluminum with a baked on enamel painted finish. The outer edge is anodized for longer lasting beauty.With minimal maintenance our covers will outlast the competition every time.

Our Deluxe Aluminum Spa Covers are safety rated by Underwriters Laboratories and carry their UL Classified Mark. UL constantly monitors our production for quality and consistency of materials to ensure that you get the quality you expect. When you see the UL Mark you can be assured that our covers meet or exceed the ASTM standard for a Safety Spa Cover. This gives peace of mind that the Deluxe Aluminum Spa Cover will protect your children and loved ones from the unattended spa.

If you ever asked yourself why they can't make a spa cover that lasts.... We have the answer... We do... Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers by Pool Covers, Inc .

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Aluminum Spa Covers by Pool Covers, Inc.

Benefits of Choosing Spa Covers

When it comes to the advantages derived from hot tub covers, the list would be a fairly long one. Not only the Jacuzzi hot tub covers help maintain the high temperatures of your hot tub water, they will eliminate evaporation (water, heat and chemicals) as well as keep children and pets out.
One of the biggest dangers linked to an uncovered hot tub or jacuzzi tub is the instance where a pet or a child might fall into the water. With proper hot tub covers in place you have control of who is using your hot tub and there are no drowning accidents.
What’s interesting about the hot tub winter covers is that they offer optimal insulation characteristics. This allows the water content to heat up faster than usual. We’re not done yet, as the Jacuzzi hot tub cover ensures that your energy costs are minimized; thanks to its effective heat-saver system.
Why Choose Us?
Pool Covers, Inc. has established itself to be a high-quality manufacturer and supplier of our Belite Aluminum hot tub covers, with our products being appreciated across the North American continent. We are committed to providing the most accurate and easiest way to order your favorite Jacuzzi hot tub cover online.
We Value Our Customers
Because we value our customers, we work hard to provide the excellent service they deserve. With us, you can rest assured about the quality of service you will receive. We pay attention to customer service, and our goal is to ensure that we provide our customers the best products and the best buying experience. Our employees are all employee owners who take pride in the work and our reputation as a company.
Choose Our Excellent Product Line
We implement state-of-the-art techniques for building hot tub covers. We use high-density foam combined with chemical resistant materials, for producing our line of hot tub winter covers. Our hot tub covers are resistant to UV rays, which ensures their long-lasting performance. They will not warp, rot or buckle in the middle. With the proper maintenance they will remain fully sealed and won’t take on additional water thus making the cover too heavy to move. Our covers will outlast the competition and should be a cover you have for many, many years.

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Our Aluminum Spa Covers have been covering spas and keeping children and pets safe for over 35 years. We use superior materials and hand make each cover. These customized covers are not a one and done cover, but will last for many years. Our Aluminum Spa Covers can hold up to 800 lbs; snow loads are no problem, they will support weight and won’t buckle in the middle. Make this the last spa cover you ever buy. Designer options/colors available. Call one of our customer service representatives today, we are here to answer your questions.

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