Care and Maintenance

Your new aluminum spa cover is made from the highest quality material and workmanship available. It is a decorative and money-saving addition to your spa or hot tub. We are proud of our product, and would like to help you – the owner – in keeping your cover looking “as good as the day you purchased it”!

In case you are wondering whether our replacement hot tub covers offer foolproof resistance to climatic changes or not, let us assure you on that. While developing our specific products, we pay attention to the materials used as well as their properties.

Replacement Hot Tub Cover for Your HOT TUB

Our top-notch replacement hot tub cover is the perfect example of state-of-the-art craftsmanship. In this regard, it’s worth noting that for manufacturing these particularly essential hot tub covers, we make use of upgraded machinery and software set-up.

At Be-Lite Spa Covers, we make sure that our customers get hold of the products that are of superlative quality. We are proud of our offerings, and are very sure that you would not just be satisfied but also astonished with the performance of the premium range of products that we bring to the table.

Over the last decade, Be-Lite Spa Covers has been appreciated by industry pundits, and acclaimed by spa critics. It has come to our notice that while shopping for spa covers, it is our brand that the customers seek in the first place.

Our extensive catalog features some of the most exclusive replacement hot tub cover and spa covers along with all the possible accessories related to spa covers. Just in case you were looking for that effective hot tub cover lifters to make things easy for you, we got the perfect solution for you.

With more than 10,000 replacement covers delivered to customers worldwide Be-Lite Spa Covers has established itself to be one of the primary favorites of the crowd.

Essential Tips for Spa Cover Care

Are you currently looking for some spa and hot tub cover care tips that would completely change your perspective on how to handle these covers? If that’s the case, we won’t disappoint you. Our experts offer their wisdom for keeping your elite spa cover in great shape, and maintaining its optimal functioning Let’s get started!

The following is a list of common-sense suggestions for you to keep your aluminum spa cover looking its best.

  • Do not drag the cover over hard surfaces or drop on any object that could pierce the aluminum skin of the cover.
  • You may need to reapply silicone between the frame and the aluminum panels on the top and the bottom as needed. This will keep your spa cover sealed so it does not take on water.
  • Dirt is the enemy. Keep the cover clean. Use a mild solution of soap and water for cleansing.
  • Periodic applications of mild non-abrasive car wax can inhibit the fading process. This will help the cover retain its original color. Fading will not cause any damage to the cover if you choose not to apply wax.
  • Do not subject the cover to direct contact with chemicals or harsh abrasives.
  • Although your cover has been tested to withstand weight, we do not recommend continually walking or placing objects, such as patio furniture, on top of the cover.
  • You may have to replace the hinge or the bulb seal; but these are easy, inexpensive repairs that will help you get longevity for your cover. Contact us for replacement parts as needed.

Replacement Hot Tub Cover and Spa Covers: All You Need is Right Here

At Pool Covers, Inc. we indulge in producing state-of-the-art hot tub cover replacements; irrespective of models and brands of hot tubs available in the marketplace. When it comes to customizing according to the specific dimensions of your hot tub, our well-trained professionals take the initiative to do that. Our in-house team has been providing some reliable assistance to those in need.

To get you started, we can get the hot tub cover dimensions taken, and produce a cover as per the requirements of individual customers. Our commitment towards providing ultimate satisfaction to our customers along with our scientific approach of getting things done, enables us to evolve with time, and ensures better quality and service every time you need a brand-new Be-Lite spa cover.

Guess what – our offerings include wide variations of hot tub covers, as each cover is custom made per your order. Our finest treasury contains only state-of-the-art products. Call us now!

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Our Aluminum Spa Covers have been covering spas and keeping children and pets safe for over 35 years. We use superior materials and hand make each cover. These customized covers are not a one and done cover, but will last for many years. Our Aluminum Spa Covers can hold up to 800 lbs; snow loads are no problem, they will support weight and won’t buckle in the middle. Make this the last spa cover you ever buy. Designer options/colors available. Call one of our customer service representatives today, we are here to answer your questions.

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