How was your day? Was it a time of skipping through the forest of cubicles, a copier that worked perfectly, and a boss that didn’t scowl at you? Or was it a typical Monday with congestion to and from work, a cranky boss, and crankier customers? The stresses of the day often translate into frustration at home. Shaking off a bad day to spend quality time with your family can be challenging. Some days are bad enough that even your loving dog knows to stay away. The best remedy is to soak in your hot tub! Feeling the jets push streams of water into your aching muscles is relaxing. While enjoying your watery oasis is focused on one of your five senses (i.e., touch), you can ramp things up by enlisting your sense of smell through aromatherapy products. Yes, it’s time to drop in a scent that will enhance your mood. Keep your water smelling good and get a quality replacement hot tub cover if your current one is done its time.

4 Scents to Help You Relax in Your Spa

Remember the aroma wafting through your grandmother’s kitchen? Fresh sourdough bread? Meatloaf? Fried chicken? Apple pie? How many times do you reminisce over those scents and smile? Scents can affect your mood, and you can enjoy the best moods while spending time in your spa. Here are four popular scents you can use to release stress:

  1. Jasmine: Use jasmine’s rich, sweet, and slightly musky scent to whisk your stress and anxiety away. You may even enjoy increased energy levels and better sleep.
  2. Eucalyptus mint: Are you looking for a sharp and fresh mint smell? Eucalyptus is an excellent choice. This scent can help open your sinuses and clear your head. Additionally, it can make you alert and improve your concentration.
  3. Lavender: This scent is distinctive. It is a light and fresh floral scent, not pungent like eucalyptus. You may also smell balsamic undertones. Lavender is well known to aid sleep and relaxation.
  4. Citrus: If you are looking for a relaxing, calming, mood-uplifting effect, you may want to try citrus aromatherapy in your hot tub. You can choose from orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit—there’s a citrusy scent for almost everyone!

It’s important to note that aromatherapy products are okay to use in your hot tub, but don’t mistake them for essential oils. These are two different products; essential oils should never be put in your spa. Look for aromatherapy scents specially designed for hot tubs.

Protect Your Relaxation Spot with Quality Replacement Hot Tub Covers

Don’t let the world’s troubles keep you down. Make good use of your oasis by adding aromatherapy. Choosing the right scent can quickly ease the day’s frustrations and help you relax and enjoy your family time. A Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Cover is the perfect way to protect your investment. It is both strong and lightweight and will last for years. We custom-make your cover, which you can design using our template designer, that guides you through the correct steps for the perfect fit. Please give us a call with any questions. We are here to help!

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