You can tell when spring is in the air. The quiet, chilly winter days transform and seem to come alive as birds chirp and squirrels chatter to each other. The sun beckons the daffodils to break through the cold ground as warmer weather fast approaches. The earth and its inhabitants come alive, including the Easter bunny! Homeowners often take this time to air out their houses, deep clean the interior, and freshen up the landscape. With all that work ahead of you, your hot tub will soon become your welcoming haven again. Now is the time to conduct spring maintenance and check into replacement hot tub covers for your spa so it’s ready when you want a long soak.

Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Hot Tub for Spring

Make your health and well-being a priority as you conduct spring cleaning by adding spa maintenance to your list. You will appreciate relaxing in the hot swirling waters that calm the aches and pains from bending, reaching, twisting, and other strains of getting chores done. Here are some useful tips to follow:

  1. Clean the interior of the basin. Start by draining the basin of all existing water. While it’s empty, take an approved cleanser and clean the interior to remove any build-up. Remember to wipe down the seats as well. Now is the time to flush out the interior of the plumbing. Go ahead and fill and flush once more. Finally, you are ready for a fill.
  2. Do a maintenance check. While you are cleaning the interior, look for signs of wear and tear, like chips and cracks. Check carefully for water leaks between seals and developing rust around metal parts. Water leaks can damage the motor. Now is the time to check the filters. They may only need to be cleaned, but if they are too dirty, go ahead and replace them for a fresh start to your season.
  3. Clean the exterior of the hot tub. Wash down the exterior cabinet and paint or stain it. Remember that cleaning the exterior requires more than wiping down the cabinet. It also includes removing debris along the walkway to help keep your feet clean before entering the tub. You can take a moment to sweep and spray the area with a hose, trim shrubbery, and pick up any weeds.
  4. Clean or replace the hot tub cover. The best investment you can make is in a quality hot tub cover. Covers help keep your water clean and debris out. They help your heater maintain the temperature of the water so that you don’t use extra energy to keep it warm. Some are made of aluminum and offer a lightweight alternative to their vinyl counterparts.

Keep Up On Your Spring Maintenance and Don’t Forget a Quality Hot Tub Cover

Relax after a long spring-cleaning day by soaking in your watery oasis protected by a quality replacement cover from Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers. Our covers are sturdy and built to last. Not only do they keep hot water in, but they also keep debris, pets, and children out. Our covers are also customized to fit your tub using our template designer, which guides you through the correct steps for the perfect fit.

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