Nothing beats soaking in a spa at the end of the day. You may have had a stress-filled day, but all the stress dissipates once you slip into the swirling jets. Your hot tub is an investment in your well-being, and you want to do everything possible to ensure it works properly. That is why you check the pH balance meticulously and choose quality aluminum replacement hot tub covers when needed. Did you know that a few habits you may have developed could harm your spa? It’s true. But you don’t have to take any chances when you take the proper precautions.

Good Spa Habits to Maintain Your Hot Tub

If you want to ensure you have many years of enjoyment in your hot tub, there are many helpful habits you can develop. Here are six important ones to get you started:

  1. Refrain from leaving the basin empty for an extended period after draining it. When you empty the water basin for maintenance, it’s best to avoid leaving it empty for too long. An empty tub can create a breeding ground for bacteria to grow into a biofilm slime that’s challenging to remove. It can also cause the seals and gaskets to crack, leading to leaks, and dried-out cartridges and filters may need replacement. It’s best to leave the basin empty for only as long as needed, ideally, no more than 1-2 days.
  2. Rinse off before getting into the hot tub to avoid using it as a bathtub. You may not mean to, but you let contaminants in each time you get in without rinsing off first. These can be excess sweat after a workout or body lotion and deodorant. The extra chemicals can compromise the water and filters.
  3. Rinse freshly washed bathing suits before using them in the hot tub. Laundry soap from washing clothes, including your swimsuit, can make the water foamy. To prevent this, rinse your bathing suit before you get in, if it has been freshly laundered.
  4. Use the correct chemicals to keep the hot tub water clean. Pools and hot tubs are not the same, nor are their chemicals. Therefore, they require different formulas. Pool chemicals will not dissolve well in your hot water haven. When buying new chemicals, make sure you have the right type to do the job.
  5. Keep the hot tub running even when not in use. Spas are meant to have continued moving water to keep it cleaner. When shut down for extended periods, the water may become stagnant and cause sanitation issues. It’s okay to leave things running, even if you will be out for a few days.
  6. Keep the hot tub covered to prevent contaminants and save energy. Using a cover keeps contaminants out and heat in, which saves you money with less expensive utility bills. It can also be a hazard to children and pets, so consider using an aluminum replacement hot tub cover when your vinyl cover is worn out.

Enjoy Your Haven for Years to Come – Protect It with a Quality Aluminum Cover

Build good spa habits now to enjoy it for many years. Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers are the right solution to help you build good hot tub habits. They keep debris out and water in for the safety of your family and pets. We offer custom-fitted covers that look beautiful with your landscape or home. Using our template designer guide, you will have a custom-fit replacement cover you will love. Give us a call with your questions. We’re happy to answer them.

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