Hot tub owners revel in the benefits of soaking in the bubbly hot water of their spa. Not only is it a way to relax and de-stress at the end of the day, but it is an excellent spot for socializing too. There are health benefits as well, like easing joint pains and relaxing sore muscles. The water provides buoyancy and gentle resistance to increase the effectiveness of exercising in the tub. It may seem natural to think that you should shut down the hot tub when winter comes around. However, if you enjoy soaking in it so much, why should the cold temperatures stop you? With some proactive maintenance steps and a custom aluminum spa cover, you are set to enjoy your oasis even when it is cold outside.

Useful Tips to Enjoy Your Hot Tub during the Winter Months

If you are keen to continue using your hot tub even when the mercury drops, follow these six tips:

  1. Empty and refill at the beginning of winter. The tub needs draining and filling about every three months. Before the temperatures get too cold and threaten to freeze your pipes, put fresh water into the basin.
  2. Stock up on chemicals and supplies. You will need your spa chemicals for regular maintenance. You don’t want to run out on a cold night to grab them. Make sure you have enough of all the supplies you need before you need them.
  3. Invest in a quality aluminum cover. Not only do spa covers keep debris and cold air out, but they also keep water and heat in. Water evaporates quickly during the cold, dry months of winter. A snug, sturdy aluminum cover makes things much more manageable.
  4. Watch your water level. Winter temperatures lead to quicker evaporation than you are used to. If they get too low, the water will not circulate as well. You run the risk of frozen pipes. It is a good idea to keep your eye on the water levels.
  5. Keep the water clean. Regular maintenance shouldn’t fall behind just because it is winter. You will want to check the pH levels and adjust as needed. Since you won’t have the same opportunities to drain and fill, you want to ensure that the water remains pristine. Having all users rinse off in the shower before entering is helpful.
  6. Turn down the jets. They are great for bringing your muscles some much need relief. However, the jets pull in the cold outside air, lowering the water temperature. By lowering the jets, you reduce heat loss.

No Need to Shut Down Your Hot Tub – Invest in An Aluminum Spa Cover!

Enjoy your hot tub no matter the season when you invest in a custom-fit cover from Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers. Our product easily handles pets, kids, and the weather, including snow. Design your perfectly fitted cover using our template designer, which will guide you through the correct steps. Be sure to call us with any questions, and order yours today!

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