Each January 1st, millions of people set out to change their lives. They resolve to eat better, lose weight, spend more time with family, change jobs, shop less, sing more, and so on! These are admirable choices. Who doesn’t want to stay healthy or reconnect with their loved ones? For spa owners like you, part of their annual goals may entail utilizing a hot tub to boost your health and build relationships. However, if proper maintenance isn’t on the agenda, you may wind up with frequently murky water and the need for a replacement hot tub cover. You can avoid these headaches by setting up a maintenance schedule that makes spa ownership simpler and more enjoyable.

Steps to Easier Hot Tub Maintenance

Here is a handy checklist to ensure your spa is user-ready all year long:

1. Start with daily items like taking a walk around the basin and looking for damage. Look for tree limbs or heavy debris on your cover. Check that the lid is sealed and latched and that there is no snow or ice buildup. Remember also to check the water’s temperature. A hot tub provides hot water consistently. No one wants to climb into a cold spa. During your daily walk around, look at the thermometer. If you notice a change of more than a few degrees, there could be something wrong with your heater.

2. A few times a week, add a couple of steps. Choose three days to look deeper at the water by testing the pH and sanitizer levels. You want to ensure the chemicals are at the proper levels for safer use of your spa. Regular testing helps you stay on top of things and saves possible damage down the road. Keep buildup from affecting your pH balance by wiping the inside of your basin above the water line.

3. Every other week, include the filter on your inspection list. Clean your filter using a garden hose. Check to see if it needs replacing at this time, too.

4. Once a month, complete a wipe-down. Each month, grab a cloth and cleaner and wipe down the shell, spa cabinets, and cover.

5. Every quarter, do a complete drain and refill. Even with weekly water maintenance, you need to drain the water for a thorough cleaning. Depending on your usage, you will want to perform this step about every three months.

Keep Things Cleaner with an Aluminum Replacement Hot Tub Cover

A clean spa is a better used spa. Maintaining it is easier when you take small daily, weekly, and monthly steps. Another item to help your haven stay clean and user-ready is a replacement hot tub cover from Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers. Our covers are strong and durable. They seal completely so that water and heat stay in while debris, animals, and playful kids stay out. You can build your customized cover using our template designer, guiding you through the correct steps. We love helping our customers find the right design, so give us a call with your questions.

Contact our team today for beautiful, sturdy, and custom-fit aluminum spa covers online, or call us at 707-864-8919.