Congratulations on choosing to install a spa! You can expect many evenings of relaxing soaks, fun times with friends, and opportunities to strengthen family relationships. Before you can fill it up with water and turn on the jets, you must find the perfect spot. Once you do, you need a sturdy foundation. Many choose to place a concrete slab down. Others would prefer to use pavers to tie in an overall serene look. Don’t forget to protect your new investment with custom-fitted hot tub covers. They help keep heat and water in and debris out, so you can enjoy the steamy heat anytime you want.

3 Tips for Properly Setting New Hot Tub on Pavers

When planning to put in a hot tub/ spa, don’t forget to factor in how much weight sits on top of the foundation. First, there is the hot tub; next is the water; finally, there are people soaking in the tub. Added together, there could be several thousand pounds sitting on a concrete slab or pavers. You will need to plan your foundation accordingly.

Here is what you can do if you prefer to use pavers as a foundation for your hot tub:

  1. Choose pavers that are smooth and interlocking. You must also make sure the foundation is level. Much will be demanded of the pavers. Without being level, you will not have a solid, flat layer as your base. This can affect your shell later on by causing it to stretch and warp, causing serious damage.
  2. You will still need a solid foundation underneath the pavers. This can be a concrete slab, sand, or gravel. If you choose a loose substance like sand, you will want to ensure you sweep it into the joints to assist with securing them in place.
  3. If you genuinely want an uneven paver, you will need to get creative. You will need to place the spa on a level concrete slab and place the pavers around the basin instead of underneath. You can use this technique to tie in your landscape with a garden path.

The most common types of pavers used in landscaping give you a wide variety of choices. For example, you can stick with durable concrete or pick a natural stone, such as cobblestone. There is also brick which is durable and long-lasting, maintenance-free recycled rubber, and gorgeous flagstone.

Protect Your New Hot Tub with a Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Cover

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