Families have the privilege of being able to discuss ideas, share opinions, weigh the options, and make choices for the home to settle on what makes the most sense for everyone. Perhaps your family has made the decision to invest in a hot tub. But now you need to choose—saltwater hot tub system or a chlorine system—which purification system is better? Chlorine, with its bacteria eliminating properties, is commonly used for hot tub filtration. Families that don’t want to deal with the side effects of chlorine, such as irritation for sensitive skin and eyes, favor saltwater systems for their hot tubs. No matter your choice, consistent maintenance, and a sturdy spa cover are vital to the longevity of your hot tub.

Salt Water vs. Chlorine Purification Systems

Chlorine has been used for decades as a way to purify water. Small amounts are even used in municipal drinking water. So, why should you consider utilizing saltwater? Only you can decide, but to help you, here is a breakdown of each type, beginning with the old standby, chlorine:

Chlorine Water Care

We are used to the smell that comes off swimming pools, but do you know why chlorine smells? When it is combined with oxygen and hydrogen in water, it forms hypochlorous acid. This acid compound effectively kills bacteria, including E. coli, salmonella, and influenza viruses.

  • Side Effects of Chlorine – We already mentioned the smell, but there is also the burning sensation in your eyes after swimming in it. Also, it can dry out your skin.
  • System Maintenance Requirements – You need to keep an eye on pH and chlorine levels at least weekly. You may have to add more chemicals or remove treated water to replace it with untreated. You need to do an empty and refill about every three to four months. 

Salt Water Care

Contrary to the name, you will not have water as salty as the sea. In reality, there is much less salt than what you find in seawater. This purification system generates chlorine automatically, leaving less guesswork for you.

  • Effects of Salt Water – Natural feeling water that doesn’t dry your eyes, skin, or hair. No strong odors to deal with.
  • System Maintenance Requirements – Some systems use titanium cartridges that utilize salt for sanitization. You check the water about every ten days and adjust the chemical levels using a control panel. Fewer chemicals also mean less need for refills because the water stays cleaner. Imagine only having to empty the basin once a year! Of course, if your hot tub isn’t covered properly or the old cover is worn, order a replacement spa cover to keep falling debris, dust, insects, bacteria, and even your furry friends out.

Make Hot Tub Maintenance Easier – Buy a Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Cover

The choice between saltwater or chlorine is yours. You can most certainly keep your spa clean with either option. No matter which one you go with, remember that keeping water in and the elements out is critical to enjoying clean water in your hot tub.

Ensure your spa lasts for years, by following your manufacturer’s suggestions. Besides regular cleaning and maintenance, get a timely replacement spa cover to protect your hot tub. At Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers, our product is second-to-none and provides you the assurance that your investment is protected, and your family can enjoy your hot tub safely. We encourage you to use our template designer to guide you through the correct steps to get the right fit. We offer a variety of custom options to fit your color scheme.

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