The holiday season can wear you down. There is the hustle and bustle of shopping, cooking, and visiting family. Even with all the excitement, you may find times when you wish to slow down and relax. If you suffer from chronic disorders, the additional stress of a busy lifestyle may wear you down further. Hot tub owners know the benefits of enjoying a pleasurable soak at the end of the day. They enjoy letting the steamy water ease their tense bodies. Often called hydrotherapy, using your spa provides you with the therapy you need. It can be immensely beneficial during the hectic holiday season. Be sure to protect your investment by using quality hot tub covers.

Understand the Health Benefits of Utilizing Your Spa During the Holidays

Have you got everything prepared for the upcoming festivities? If you are like most people, you probably are still running around trying to get it all done. You might even wonder how you will pull it off when you are so worn down and tired. When you understand some of the health benefits of utilizing your spa during the holidays, you will be ready to soak in your backyard haven right away:

  1. Relieve stress: We experience stress all year long. The holidays bring additional stress as you enjoy time with family and decorate your home. Once you remove the hot tub covers, the soothing, swirling warm water has a way of massaging the stresses of the day away. Cortisol levels drop lower when you sit in your relaxing hot tub.
  2. Improved sleep: Less stress translates into better sleep. Simply soaking in your hot tub can relax you even more than sitting quietly before bed. If you think about it, we often bathe our babies and toddlers in the evening, and that warm bath relaxes them. Your spa is an adult version of a bathtub—without the soap!
  3. Loosens stiff muscles: Do you have a stiff back? It can feel worse when you add the tension of the holiday to-do lists. Soaking in warm water can ease the tension in your muscles and potentially increase mobility.
  4. Burn calories: Yes, you may enjoy some extra calories burned by hot tub time, without hitting the treadmill. This isn’t to say you should forgo exercise, but why not make calorie-burning more enjoyable during the holidays?

Of course, enjoying your spa during the holidays should be done with a few items in mind. For example, stay hydrated and limit your time in the water. If you have heart disease or are pregnant, you should have a conversation with your doctor first. They can weigh in on whether this is a good option and what precautions you should take. Other reasons to be careful before jumping into swirling jets include skin injuries, low blood pressure, or urinary tract infections.

Enjoy the Holidays More with a Quality Replacement Hot Tub Cover

Even Santa needs a way to wind down. Ease the stress of the holidays while giving your health a little boost by using your spa this season. Hot tub covers from Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers are the perfect addition to your oasis. We have the right style to fit your spa. You can customize your cover using our template designer, which guides you through the correct steps for the perfect fit. Please give us a call with any questions. We love to help!

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