Summer is right around the corner. Lazy days of sun, family, food, and soaking in the hot tub await you. That is if you have yours ready. Prepping for the season is not difficult, and you know the payoff is big when you see the smiling faces of your loved ones.

Whip your spa into summertime shape when you spend a few hours of quality time draining, cleaning, and filling. As you look over the basin, remember to take note of the condition of the topper. Jacuzzi hot tub covers protect your watery haven, so it pays to keep yours in pristine shape. Be-Lite Spa Covers has just what you need when it is time to replace your cover.

8 Steps to Set up Your Hot Tub for the Season

It may feel overwhelming to go through the process of getting your spa ready to go. It is worth it when each night when you come home and take a nice long soak. Here are the basic steps you should consider:

1. Drain and Clean Your Hot Tub: Ideally, you should completely drain your tub every four months or so. Start by turning off all power. Then, once the basin is empty, take a moment to inspect everything, including fittings, the pump, the heater, air blower, and valves. Have any damaged parts replaced by a professional. Next, get to scrubbing down the basin.

2. Install or Clean the Filter: Take a peek at the water filter. If it needs replacing, do it. If it requires cleaning, then spray it down with filter cleaner. You may even have to soak it overnight if it is too dirty.

3. Refill the Hot Tub: Add water back into the basin. Help keep impurities down by using a hose filter as you fill it. One trick is to have the water pour into the filter well. This can help alleviate potential airlocks.

4. Prime the Pump: You want to ensure all the air is out of the lines, so it is a good idea to prime the pump.

5. Add Start-Up Chemicals and Run the Pump: Let the water reach about 80 degrees Fahrenheit before you add anything. Turn the pump on high and let it run for about ten minutes.

6. Test the Water’s pH: Time to check the chemical levels and make sure you are in a healthy range.

7. Set the Water’s Temperature and Cover It Up: It is recommended that it be set somewhere between 98- and 102-degrees Fahrenheit. Let the water circulate, and then put your Jacuzzi’s hot tub cover on for about 24 hours.

8. Give the Water another Test: Now that things are stabilized, check the pH balance again. Keep tweaking chemical levels as needed.

Keep the Good Times Rolling with Replacement Hot Tub Covers

Before you fire up the grill, make sure your spa is ready for fun times this summer. Replace your worn-out vinyl cover with a customized Jacuzzi hot tub cover from Be-Lite. You don’t have to guess what size you need. We have it taken care of with a template designer to aid you in taking the correct steps for your custom fit. Take a look and give us a call. We’re always ready to help you enjoy the season with your hot water oasis.

Contact our team online or call us at 707-864-8919 for your custom-made replacement Jacuzzi hot tub covers today.