Don’t run with scissors. Keep your fingers out of the light socket. Don’t swim right after eating. Most of us probably heard these phrases from adults in our lives. It’s excellent advice, as it kept us from getting hurt in childhood. Over the years, you’ve heard many do’s and don’ts that have kept you safe or your belongings in good shape. Your spa is no different. This investment in your physical and mental well-being needs to be maintained regularly and protected with quality hot tub covers to ensure you enjoy many days of relaxation.

5 Tips to Enjoy Your Hot Tub without Ongoing Repair Bills

Just like your AC works to cool your home and your heating keeps you warm, your hot tub is designed to relax and rejuvenate you. Ongoing maintenance is imperative to keep your AC and furnace in top condition, and your hot tub is no different. To keep repair bills low, follow these simple tips below:

  1. Test the water and use the right chemicals. Hot tubs run best if the water is tested weekly to prevent a chemical imbalance and bacteria buildup. Also, spas require different chemicals than pools. The chemicals are made to work in the hot water environment and have accurate dosage instructions for the smaller-sized basins.
  2. If you aren’t going to test the water weekly, don’t leave it full and running. Water maintenance is vital to your hot tub enjoyment. Without regular testing and treatment, it becomes a haven to smelly, bacteria-filled water that no one will want to use. It will also take a bit of cleaning and work to get it back into soak-worthy status.
  3. Keep up with essential maintenance even when not using your hot tub regularly. Give your future self a gift – keep up with basic maintenance. This includes testing and treating the water, rinsing filters, cleaning the hot tub covers, and wiping the waterline and drain refill.
  4. Remove debris and snow from the spa cover. Your most important shield against water loss and damage is the cover. If you live in a snowy region, remove any snow and ice buildup to prevent damage from excess weight. Another option is to replace your vinyl cover with a lightweight aluminum hot tub cover that can withstand more of what Mother Nature dishes out.
  5. Remember – hot tubs are not bathtubs. Any dirt, sweat, and other contaminants on your skin will affect the water’s balance. Make sure you leave the dirt and sweat of a long, hot day in the shower, where it can be rinsed down the drain. When you are clean, jump in the hot tub to relax.

Maintain Your Spa for Years to Come with Aluminum Hot Tub Covers

Keeping your investment in tip-top shape is the best way to ensure you get years of enjoyment with regular maintenance and a Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Cover. Not only are the covers strong and durable, but they also seal entirely so that water and heat stay in while debris, animals, and playful kids remain out. We help you tailor your cover to fit your hot tub and color scheme with our template designer. It guides you through the correct steps to get the best fit. Have questions? We’d love to help you, so give us a call!

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