Die-hard hot tub lovers use their relaxing haven all year long. They understand the benefits of sitting in warm water and letting the jets massage worn-out muscles. Sitting in the deep basin with their head reclined back can be a nightly ritual alongside brushing their teeth. One caveat to year-round use is quicker heat loss during winter’s cooler months. The more heat that is lost, the higher the utility bills. Those dedicated to keeping the tub open may find that the rising cost is a deterrent. Some may close their hot tub and wait it out for spring.

If this is you, know that you do not have to give up your nightly soak because the temperature drops. You can still enjoy your hot tub and keep more heat in. It starts with quality spa covers and a few tricks.

4 Suggestions to Keep Heat in Your Spa

We all want to make the most of our hot tubs while keeping costs down during winter. This includes regular maintenance and learning what you can do to keep heat in and still enjoy your oasis:

  1. Invest in a High-Quality Spa Cover: Most of your heat will be lost through a low-grade cover. Instead of sticking with a vinyl cover, consider an aluminum one. They are built with polystyrene to keep water from affecting the insulation value. Look for a full-foam seal to ensure no hot air escapes through hinge gaps.
  2. Limit Jet Use: The air pushed through the jets lowers the overall water temperature in the basin. If you use them less, you can conserve heat. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to turn them down and use them less often during the winter. Additionally, turn them off when the tub is not in use.
  3. Stop the Wind: Nothing whisks away heat like the wind. If your spa is fully exposed to the elements, you will lose the battle to keep the warmth. Utilize privacy screens to block the cold winds.
  4. Wrap It Up Tight: Each hot tub comes insulated. Over the years, the insulation wears down. Consider wrapping things up in a spa blanket. You may even want to inspect the existing insulation and add new.
  5. Position It Right: Position your hot tub so that it is in a south-facing corner. The sun heats things to keep the cover warm while melting snow and ice.

Enjoy Your Spa Even in the Winter – Heat Stays in with a Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Cover

Go ahead and keep your evening ritual going by installing a Be-Lite Aluminum Spa cover on your hot tub. We build our covers strong enough to keep the elements out and the heat inside. We offer many styles that you can customize with our template designer. Use it to guide you through the correct steps to get the perfect fit for your new cover. Don’t let winter keep you from a good soak. Try our template designer, and let’s work together on your new aluminum spa cover.

Contact our team today for custom-made replacement spa covers online, or call us at 707-864-8919.