Spending the evening in your hot tub is bliss. The hot water and jets massage away the cares of the day. Just then your neighbor steps out on their deck, notices you, and invites themselves over. You don’t want to be rude, but after a hard day, the last thing you want is to entertain someone. What can you do so you can still enjoy your Jacuzzi without the prying eyes of the neighborhood? You could consider erecting an enclosure. Some will give you enough privacy, so no one else is tempted to visit when you pull off the hot tub cover and get ready to soak and relax.

If you are wondering is an enclosure is a good move, consider the key benefits. For example, not only do you garner much-needed privacy, but an enclosure will protect your spa so that it lasts longer. Additionally, you are able to use it during inclement weather, giving you more year-round usage.

6 Types of Hot Tub Enclosures

What you surround your hot tub spa with is a matter of personal preference. There are many options based on your taste and goals. Here are six suggestions to get you started toward quieter evenings in your hot tub:

  • Pergolas: The rafters of a pergola offer relief from the worst of the sun’s rays. They also help keep most leaves and vegetation out of the water when your aluminum Jacuzzi hot tub cover is off. You can design them with a splash of Greek or Chinese architectural flare.
  • Seasonal Solarium: Another way to see the views but remain protected from the elements is with a solarium. Made entirely of glass, you can install one for the cooler parts of the year and remove it for the warmer ones. It gives you more flexibility than some other options.
  • Water Well Look: Feeling a little old-fashioned? Imagine creating a wishing well with your hot tub as the base. The roof protects through rain and sun while the sides can be enclosed for those times of the year when the cold air threatens the comfort of your hot tub experience.
  • Sun Screens: The California sun is gorgeous, but it can heat your Jacuzzi fast, making it a bit uncomfortable. Use a screen to provide some shade and filter the rays for a more comfortable experience.
  • Curtains: A simple way of gaining privacy is to put up curtains. You might drape them through some of your pergola’s rafters or find other interesting ways to hang them.
  • Semi-Enclosed: If you want to get a little protection and avoid prying eyes from the neighbors or directional weather, you might want to choose to go semi-enclosed. Use a pergola and then strategically place a couple of walls.

Enjoy Your Hot Tub with an Enclosure – Protect It with a Be-Lite Aluminum Cover

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