Unlike a swimming pool, it’s possible to use your hot tub all year long. The beauty of it is that you can enjoy spa parties no matter what the weather outside may be. Having a themed party is only the beginning. Planning the details, purchasing the food, and preparing the pH level may seem overwhelming, but it is about more than inviting people over. It is about developing and nurturing relationships in your own, comfortable and relaxing private space.

Make new friends and bond with the old by planning a spa party. As you sit down to make your guest list, remember that keeping your aquatic haven pristine includes having a sturdy hot tub cover protecting it. Be-Lite Spa Covers manufactures custom aluminum covers that ensure the spa is completely covered, preventing debris, snow, and even kids and pets from getting in.

7 Ways to Prepare for Your Hot Tub Party – Be the Host with the Most!

Enjoy a picture-perfect party that leaves friends and family coming back for more. Use these tips to get started:

  1. Make a list of all you need to accomplish. Besides deciding on a menu, you will want to decide on a guest list, games, decorations, and music. Also, you will want to make sure the spa is clean, and the water is chemically balanced before the party.
  2. Consider the ideal number of people to invite. Remember, your spa can hold only so many people. Not everyone will want to be in the hot tub at the same time. That is one consideration. So, you may be able to invite several people, and everyone takes turns. You don’t want to leave anyone out.
  3. Plan how to entertain everyone. You will probably have many people coming in and out throughout the night. Consider game stations, music, water balloons, and other fun activities.
  4. Decide on a menu. Finger foods go a long way when using a hot tub. Avoid greasy and heavy food items. Instead, consider tea sandwiches, nuts, fruit and cheese platters, and vegetables with dip. Have a variety of drinks, including water, juice, and iced tea.
  5. Consider some simple guest rules. Request that guests rinse off before entering and after exiting the tub. Ask that they take a dip in the spa before they begin enjoying their alcohol as it can speed the process of inebriation. To ensure all guests get a turn, request that everyone is mindful of not hogging too much time in the tub.
  6. Prepare the hot tub ahead of time. Make sure you keep up on maintenance and cleaning. Check the pH levels, as well.
  7. Have extra supplies ready. Keep a few additional suits and towels handy for guests. You may even have a fluffy robe or two for chillier nights.

Ensure a Clean Spa for Party Day with Be-Lite Hot Tub Covers

Nothing beats having a get-together in your spa. Invite family and friends for fun, food, and good times. Remember, for a long-lasting watery oasis, install a Be-Lite aluminum hot tub cover. Our custom-fit covers come in a variety of colors to fit your outdoor decor. Why not use our template designer for added convenience and a perfect fit? We love to help our customers, so feel free to give us a call.

Contact our team either online or call us at 707-864-8919 for your unique, custom-made hot tub cover.