Family bonding is vital to maintaining a connection with your kids. In today’s hectic world, you may struggle to find time to spend with each other. Why not take time to jump in the hot tub to relax and play games together? Most children love water. Add some fun games, and Mom and Dad’s attention and you have a recipe for fun memories that can last a lifetime.

The first step in a night of exciting games with your family begins with proper maintenance of your spa. Routine maintenance includes keeping the chemical levels in check and keeping everything secured with a Jacuzzi hot tub cover from Be-Lite Spa Covers. Our covers are built to last, as well as protect your little ones and furry friends when your tub is not in use.

Types of Toys and games that Are Safe for Hot Tub Fun

Are you at a loss for taking Game Night into the water? Here are some ideas for toys and games to get you started:

  1. Waterproof Cards: Who does not like a rousing game of Go Fish, Gin Rummy, or Uno? There is a whole lot of fun to be had when you bring out the decks and put atop a floating table. Just be careful that the winner does not topple over the game when they leap for joy!
  2. Classic Pool Toys: Yes, pool noodles, beach balls, and squirt guns can be used in a hot tub. For your younger children, consider picking up some rubber ducks or boats and let their imagination run wild.
  3. Board Games: Why not start a great game of chess or checkers? Your favorite classic board games can be found in a waterproof format. We suggest avoiding any games that have electronic components that may be ruined if they get wet.
  4. Games Adapted for Water: Basketball can be played in your hot tub with a floating mini hoop. You can even find Tic Tac Toe and Ring Toss games for added fun.
  5. Waterproof Digital Camera: Kids love to take pictures and videos. Encourage their creative eye (and save your smartphone) with a waterproof camera. Be sure to pick up a memory card with plenty of space.
  6. Refreshment Bar: No family fun is complete without some yummy nibbles. Instead of getting out of the hot tub, use a floating spa bar to hold drinks and snacks while you play your games.

Jacuzzi Hot Tub Covers Make a Watery Game Night Possible

Build memories now before your kids leave the nest, by picking up some games and planning a night of water fun. Protect your investment with an aluminum hot tub cover that can withstand the years of use. Be-Lite Spa Covers hold up under the weight of kids, pets, and even snow. We custom-make covers to fit your spa – and in the perfect color for your décor. Check out our template designer to take the correct steps for your custom fit. Give us a call with any questions. We are happy to help you make the game night even more fun!

Contact our team today for your unique, custom-made Jacuzzi hot tub covers online or call us at 707-864-8919.