What do you think of when October rolls around? Halloween, of course! That holiday where family and friends don spooky or fun costumes and roam around the neighborhood looking for treats. If you have a spa, you have a fantastic opportunity to enjoy some fun times. Why not spruce up the backyard with decorations, set out snacks, and invite friends over? If it’s time to change it, order your replacement aluminum hot tub cover. That way you can ensure your water remains warm and won’t evaporate—perfect elements for a fun-filled night of spooky fun.

Ideas for Your Hot Tub Halloween Party

Hot tubs offer many opportunities for fun. Check out these tips for your next spooky, fun party:

1. Prep your water for guests: No one wants to soak in dirty water. If it has been more than a few months since you added fresh water, take some time to drain and clean the basin. Then fill and treat the water. Even if you have recently cleaned your hot tub, it is wise to check the water’s pH and ensure things are in a healthy range.

2. Send out invitations: Decide how many people you want in your hot tub party. Small groups enjoy the intimacy of sitting in the hot water. Bigger groups will have people mingling in and out of the hot tub. In both cases, remember to tell your guests to bring swimsuits and to wear costumes they can change out of easily.

3. Set up the decorations: Halloween parties are so much more fun with spooky decorations. Accentuate the area with props like witch’s hats, brooms, skeletons, and (of course) spider webs. You might even set out a fog machine for the eerie ambiance. You can turn your water into different colors using LED lights—think witch’s cauldron, acid tub, or a dead man’s tub.

4. Games anyone? Make the night even more fun with games. Start with a costume contest. Guests write down their favorite ones and the first four winners get access to the hot tub first. You can also tell scary stories while sitting in and around the tub or play a game of Guess Who.

5. Music: Mummies and monsters need to dance, so crank up the scary tunes. There is a wide variety of music you can choose from. Don’t forget all the horror movies with their famous tracks.

6. Food and drinks: With a little creativity, you can impress your guests by serving yummy snacks and beverages that have Halloween-themed names. Remember to have plenty of water available so your guests do not risk dehydration. Also, good housekeeping practice is to let your guests know not to bring food into the hot tub.

Keep the Good Times Rolling with a Quality Replacement Hot Tub Cover

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