Can you smell it yet? The lovely, warm aroma that wafts through stores and kitchens reminds us that fall is here. This season brings many fun experiences for families, such as trips to apple orchards, hayrides, and holidays. It also is the time for decorations – lights, blow-up figurines, pumpkins, and gourds. As you are gearing up for the fun season we call fall, don’t forget other areas you can dress up, specifically your aquatic outdoor haven. Fall is an excellent time to conduct spa maintenance, including replacing hot tub covers and adding new accessories. All just in time to enjoy a pumpkin spice latte!

Spruce Up Your Backyard with Fall Maintenance and New Accessories

Before you pick up a warm cup of mulled cider, take some time to spruce up your hot tub for fall festivities.

  1. Survey your hot tub for possible leaks. Minor leaks are a nuisance in the summer. They can be a bigger disaster in winter, especially in areas that reach freezing temperatures. Frozen pipes can burst, resulting in hefty repair bills and lost time using your spa. Make it a point to check the basin and inside the cabinet for leaks. If you find any, get them fixed as soon as possible.
  2. Clean or replace your filters. Regular rinsing is a good habit to keep your tub smell and stain-free. Chemically cleaning your filters every three to four months is recommended. However, even well-cared-for filters need replacing. If the fibers look stretched and worn, it is time to replace the filters.
  3. Drain and refill your basin. Draining your hot tub, a couple of times a year is a good idea. Fall is a much better time to do this than the dead of winter.
  4. Check your cover. Hot tub covers are the key to enjoying cleaner water and lower utility bills. When they leak, you lose out. If you notice cracks and splits in your vinyl cover or the spa doesn’t seem to hold heat, swap it out for a sturdy aluminum cover.
  5. Add accessories. You want to use your hot tub for years to come. Use these accessories to make your spa time more leisurely and enjoyable
      • Cover lift. Covers can be cumbersome to remove, especially if only one person is doing the lifting. A lift helps ease that chore.
      • Steps. Make it easier and safer to get into the spa with non-skid steps.
      • Handrail. Another safety feature is that handrails help stop slips and falls.
      • Head and neck pillows. Enjoy laying your head back while you relax in the swirling hot water with a pillow that easily attaches to the side of your hot tub.
      • Side table. Have food, drinks, towels, or phones within easy reach with a well-placed side table.

Usher in Fall with a Quality Aluminum Replacement Hot Tub Cover

Enjoy your hot water haven this fall with a new cover from Be-Lite Aluminum Hot Tub Covers. We love helping spa owners get the most out of their investment. Our sturdy covers are perfect for keeping heat in and debris, kids, and pets out. They are elegant and look fabulous when you use our template designer to customize your new cover. This online tool guides you through the correct steps for the perfect fit. Call us with your questions; we would love to help!

Contact our team online for aluminum hot tub covers, or call us at 707-864-8919.