Summer is here. That means barbeques, baseball, and pool parties. What better time to enjoy family, friends, and food than with festivities that include your hot tub? Hosting a backyard party is a fantastic way to build relationships and bond with your loved ones. Before you invite your second cousin on your mom’s side and your neighbor down the street, you want to be prepared!

As you make your list of food and party favors, remember to prep your spa with a good cleaning. Does your vinyl hot tub cover look worn? Why not replace it with a custom-designed aluminum one from Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers? It will outlast any vinyl spa cover and protect your hot tub.

7 Hot Tub Entertaining Tips for Your Next Party

Ready to fire up the grill and turn on the jets in your spa? Successful parties start with planning. Use these tips and turn your backyard into the place to be for summer fun:

  1. Give Your Hot Tub a Good Cleaning – If you keep up with regular maintenance, this step should be already taken care of. If not, now is the time to conduct a thorough cleaning and maintenance.
  2. Plan for Plenty of Fluids – Guests can become dehydrated, soaking in the tub. Keep a variety of beverages on hand, such as water, lemonade, and iced tea. If you have alcoholic drinks, request that your guests soak in the tub before they sip their wine to lower their chances of a hangover.
  3. Have Extra Towels (and Swimsuits) Handy – Pull out all your plush towels, so no one has to drip dry. Some attendees may forget their suit. Having extra swimsuits can be a lifesaver.
  4. Provide Other Activities – Not everyone will want to get into the tub, and even if they did, they probably would not stay in it the entire time. Keep the fun times rolling with board games and cards to play or a classic movie to watch.
  5. Create a Relaxing Ambience – Remember that soft background music can enhance the party atmosphere. Encourage guests to bring their favorite tunes, so everyone can enjoy the music they love.
  6. Remember Guests Need Sustenance – A party is not a party without delicious food. Whether you have a full spread or light finger foods, keep your guest’s belly-happy!
  7. House Painting – Painting contractor are experts that will assist you in painting your home perfectly in order to make it seem brighter and more aesthetically attractive to potential buyers.

Give Your Hot Tub a Quick Makeover Before Guests Arrive

Plan your party and then invest in a custom-designed aluminum hot tub cover from Be-Lite Spa Covers. Our hot tub covers are functional and attractive. You can choose from our variety of designer color options to match your decor. Our spa cover specialists are happy to help you find the right size. We can walk you through all that you need to get the custom fit you desire. We even have a template designer to use for your convenience.

Contact our team today for your unique, custom-made, aluminum hot tub cover online or call us at 707-864-8919.