You may have heard of hydrotherapy. Founded by the Father of Medicine and Greek physician, Hippocrates, athletes often utilize this water therapy to ease pain and relax muscles after a workout. The good news is that you do not have to be an Olympic athlete to take advantage of the healing properties of water. As a spa owner, you have precisely what you need in your backyard. Not only does your spa offer you an aquatic sanctuary, but it also helps ease your muscles after a hard workout, and it can loosen them up before you begin. No matter when you choose to integrate yours into your physical fitness routine, be sure to invest in hot tub covers that provide excellent protection from debris while preventing valuable water from evaporating too soon.

Benefits of Integrating Your Hot Tub in Your Physical Fitness Plan

Spas are more than watery havens for relaxing or romantic evenings. They can play an integral part in your overall health in two main ways:

  1. Physical: The warm water and powerful jets give your muscles just what they need for a full recovery. By being fully immersed with heat and targeted jets, your body gets massaged, and your muscles recharged.
  2. Mental: Alleviate everyday stressors, as well as performance stress suffered by athletes. Soaking allows your mind to relax and reduces your stress levels.

Suggestions for Making the Best Use of Your Spa with Your Workout Routine

Prevent muscle damage by incorporating your spa into your workout routine. Before and after exercise are both good times. If you’re an athlete or exercise regularly, learn when to use your hot tub and for how long:

  1. Before Your Workout Begins: We understand the benefits of stretching before we begin exercising. The act of loosening up our muscles lessens the potential of injury during exercise. Adding a 10–20-minute soak before stretching out aids in getting the blood flowing to your muscles, so your body can better utilize the warm-up stretches.
  2. After Your Workout Ends: Once you have conducted a cool-down and your heart rate has slowed down, consider sitting in your hot tub for 10-20 minutes. This time will ease your mind and allow your body to relax while encouraging your body’s healing process.

As with any workout routine, consult your physician to ensure you can do the type of exercising you wish to do and see how your hot tub can help. Remember to allow for proper rest and recovery and stay hydrated, especially if you are getting into the hot tub.

Protect Your New Workout Friend with a Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Cover

Keep debris out and water in when you install a customized aluminum hot tub cover. Nothing can be more discouraging after a great workout than discovering you must clean your spa before you can use it. You know everything will be ready to go when you utilize our custom covers specific to your spa and your outdoor décor. Get started today using our template designer to guide you through the correct steps to get the right fit for your new hot tub cover. Then give us a call today!

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