Owning a spa is having a piece of tranquility. Whenever you take a dip, the stresses of life slip away. As a spa/hot tub owner, you know that regular maintenance and consistent cleanings will keep things running smoothly for years. All the carefully scheduled maintenance, cleanings, and water testing will mean nothing if you don’t protect the basin and components. Aluminum hot tub covers do exactly what you need. They protect your watery oasis and ensure it is available whenever you need it.

3 Reasons You Should Invest in a Custom Aluminum Hot Tub Cover

When you want to unwind after a hard day, you turn to your hot tub. The warm water propelled by the jets quickly massages the day’s stresses away. Knowing that you can use this for years, you should always protect it with a hot tub cover, and here is why:

  1. Safety and Protection: An aluminum cover protects your basin from debris, weather, and even pets and children. The last thing you want to see is a child or beloved pet hurt or worse because they climbed up on a flimsy vinyl cover. The sturdy aluminum prevents that. It will also protect your water jets and other components from Mother Nature’s antics.  
  2. Clean Water: Reduce the amount of time you spend pulling debris, dirt, and bugs from the water when you cover the basin. Sounds divine, doesn’t it? Who wants to clean up each time before they soak? An aluminum cover will keep your water pristine, so you can spend more time in it without the rigmarole of cleaning it.
  3. Save Money: Investments in hot tub covers may feel pricey, but they will save you money in the end. First, your tub will become more energy-efficient. That means it won’t increase your water or electricity bills. Second, it will trap heat inside. This keeps the temperature you want, instead of re-heating each time you want in. Finally, a hot tub cover will prevent evaporation, so you don’t have to refill it as often.

Protect Your Investment with Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers

Ensure your hot tub lasts for years when you purchase a Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Cover. Our covers are built to last. They are a full 2 inches thick, have an insulating factor of R12, and are designed to withstand snow, summer heat, and damage by animals. The inner foam core prevents foul and mildew driven odors caused by water soaking it. They also come with a triple-sealed inner foam core to prevent bugs and rodents from contaminating your haven. When you want safety, hygiene, and unmatched durability, choose a Be-Lite cover.

Our covers are custom designed to ensure the best fit. You can use our template designer to customize yours for the perfect fit. We also can help you make the best color choice to fit your surroundings.

You invested in your well-being when you purchased a hot tub. Doesn’t it make sense to protect your spa? You can – give us a call today!

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