Investing in a spa is investing in your health. With a powerful combination of massage and hot water, you can quickly melt a hard day away after only a few minutes. You may find you have more energy, can sleep better, and feel more productive during your day. Spending time with loved ones in your warm water haven is a beautiful way to decompress and enjoy one another’s a company.

Spas, however, do not come without their share of maintenance. With proper care, your watery oasis will last for years. When it is time to replace your worn-out vinyl cover, consider an aluminum cover from Be-Lite Spa Covers. Our team can help you get the perfect fit that protects your investment and your wallet.

Benefits of Installing an Aluminum Spa Cover:

Get more life out of your retreat by installing an aluminum spa cover. If you have never considered the benefits of aluminum, keep reading and discover what you have been missing:

  • Long Lasting– With proper care and maintenance, your aluminum cover can last up to ten years. Try getting that many years out of a three-year vinyl cover!
  • Handles Abuse– The neighborhood cats can quickly tear your cover to shreds. Have an unruly dog that is determined to jump on your spa? Our aluminum spa covers are strong enough to handle your pets.
  • Rodent Resistant– Mice like to make their nests from handy materials like foam and vinyl. They will not be able to tear your new aluminum cover apart.
  • Protects Children– A child’s curiosity can quickly get them in trouble and sometimes in danger. Using metal that will not yield to the weight of your kids is priceless. Plus an added benefit is that these covers can be locked with an ASTM Federally approved locking mechanism.
  • Stands Up to Snow Loads –Heavy, wet snow can ruin your vinyl cover. Not so with aluminum that can withstand the heaviest of storms and the weight of snow.
  • Mildew Resistant –Cloth is susceptible to mold and mildew because it will soak up water. A Be-Lite Spa cover resists mildew and the odors it causes.
  • Custom Fit –Using a custom fit cover means the best seal and protection for your spa.

Enjoy Your Spa for Years to Come with an Aluminum Cover from Be-Lite

If you are looking to extend the life of your spa, you will want to purchase a custom-made aluminum spa cover from Be-Lite Spa Covers. We have many designer colors to enhance your backyard. We even have a cover lift for above ground spas making it much easier to gain access to your aquatic oasis.

When you talk to one of our spa cover specialists, they will walk you through all you need to know to get your spa cover ordered. Contact our team today for your custom-made aluminum spa cover online or call us at 707-864-8919.