Spending the evening soaking in your hot tub is a relaxing way to end a hard day. Nothing can compare to feeling the jets push water around your tired limbs. Within minutes, your worries are carried far away. This is provided you don’t fail to keep up with maintenance. Without proper upkeep, your private oasis can quickly become a nightmare.

Investing in your mental and physical health began when you bought your spa. Avoid losing out on the benefits by establishing and performing a regular maintenance routine. At Be-Lite Spa Covers, our team understands your desire to keep things working smoothly. That is why we help you find the perfect aluminum hot tub cover that provides safety and will keep your hot tub protected.

Easy Maintenance Tips for Continued Enjoyment

Make sure your haven is ready to alleviate the stress from another hard day with these tips:

  • Start with the Water– Checking your water’s PH and sanitizer levels helps avert potential problems later. Making small adjustments as needed to keep it within acceptable ranges ensures the health of your spa. Testing takes only a few minutes to dip a testing strip in the water and should be done regularly about two to four times a week.
  • De-scaleYou may need to also conduct a de-scaling for systems with high calcium or mineral content. Even if your water does not have a lot of mineral buildup, a de-scaling agent suited for your unit should be used a couple of times a year.
  • Clean the Filters –Remove and clean the main filter a few times throughout the year. You can utilize your dishwasher to remove dirt and grime effectively. Remember to replace worn ones depending on usage.
  • Drain Water Completely –No one wants to use the same bath water repeatedly. Make sure to drain and refill the water more than just a few times a year, to freshen your system.
  • Check Your Tot Tub Cover –The cover over your spa helps keep debris, snow, pets, and even kids, out. Inspect it periodically for damage. When it is time to replace your worn out one, consider the durability of an aluminum cover from Be-Lite.

Enjoy Your Oasis with Scheduled Maintenance

Keep your spa working for years to come when you conduct the necessary routine maintenance. It only takes a little while and a few easy steps to extend the life of your system.

Ready for a change of pace? Protect your investment with an aluminum hot tub cover from Be-Lite Spa Covers. We have a large choice of designer colors to set off your watery haven.

Getting the right size is as easy as talking to one of our spa cover specialists. They walk you through all that you need to get a custom fit. You can even use our template designed for your convenience.

Contact our team today for your special, custom made aluminum hot tub cover online or call us at 707-864-8919.