When we sell our homes, appliances, and larger, fixed items are often left for the purchasers as part of the package. You might believe that you must leave your spa when you move. Technically, you do not have to if you want to keep it. It is possible to move your aquatic haven with you to your new house, set it up, and get many more years of enjoyment out of it.

Moving your spa is quite an undertaking and should not be done without careful consideration. For example, you might void warranties, resulting in more costly repairs down the road. However, if you are comfortable taking on the exercise, it is possible to take your hot tub to its new location. Once you get it set back up, remember to protect it with a new replacement aluminum hot tub cover from a reputable company.

5 Steps to Safely Move Your Hot Tub

It is easy to understand why a homeowner would want to take their spa with them. The hot, jet-propelled water is more relaxing than anything else—why leave it behind! You can use these steps to move your hot tub spa to your new home safely:

  1. Disconnect all power from the hot tub. This step cannot be emphasized enough for obvious safety reasons. Go to the breaker switch located inside the circuit box and turn the switch to “OFF.” Some 110V models only require unplugging from the wall. If your basin is directly wired into the power supply, hire an electrician or spa professional to disconnect it.
  2. Drain the water from the basin. Once the power is disconnected, you can commence draining the water. Start by connecting one end of a garden hose to the drain valve and run the other end to your drainage spot. Open the drain valve to release the water. To speed the process up, you can place a submersible water pump in the pool. It is important to understand the laws and ordinances in your community about dumping water down storm drains, especially those that lead to the ocean.
  3. Clear out the rest of the standing water. There will still be puddles of water that you will want to remove. A shop vac does the trick to get the last bits from the bottom of the basin. When used in push mode, you can clear out any water left in the plumbing. This step is beneficial when moving to a climate with below-freezing temperatures in the winter.
  4. Take the time to clean and inspect your hot tub. Now is a great time to do a thorough cleaning and repair any surface scratches. You should also check your cover and consider if it is time to replace it. What better time to install a new aluminum hot tub cover than now?
  5. Time to move the spa. Now that you have taken all the necessary precautions to prep your hot tub for relocation, it is moving day! Take note of the height and width. Compare that information to the path you are taking both at your old home and your new one. Gather a dolly, some cardboard, plywood, or moving blanket to use in the transition. With help from extra hands, ease the tub on its side and begin the move.

Enjoy Your Newly Moved Spa – Protect It with a Be-Lite Aluminum Cover

Yes, you CAN take your wonderful spa with you when you move. Are you concerned that your new locale will get too much snow or rain and ruin your relaxation? Check out hot tub covers perfect for winter and all year long from Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers. We produce customized replacement covers that can handle all the seasons, animals, and your kids. We want you to have the perfect fitting cover. That’s why we offer a template designer to guide you through the correct steps to get the right fit for your new Jacuzzi cover.

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