Spring is a time of new beginnings. In many parts of the country, spring means warmer temperatures after a long, cold winter. No matter where you live, many of us think of this new season as cleaning season. We drag out all sorts of stuff from our closets, empty our garages, and do massive amounts of yard work, all in an attempt to do away with the old and tired, and bring in the fresh and new. While you trim the hedges and clear out the gutters, remember to also conduct a deep clean of your spa. From basin to filters to hot tub covers, now is a great time to give your oasis some extra TLC and start the season off right.

Give your spa added protection with a hot tub cover from Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers. Our covers are unmatched in performance and safety while keeping your watery haven in pristine shape. Enjoy a longer lasting hot tub when you keep up on maintenance and protect it adequately.

6 Steps to Start the Hot Tub Season Correctly 

Your investment in your family and your health starts with these six steps to open the hot tub season right:

  1. Start with a good pipe flush: Get rid of unwanted buildup in your pipes by flushing the basin out before filling it with fresh water. It is as simple as filling, flushing, draining, and refilling. Ideally, use a spa system flush. Before you do the final fill, scrub down the basin with a suitable cleaner suggested by your manufacturer.
  2. Check all the equipment and filters: Look at the plumbing connecting the pump and heater for signs of leaks or rust. Leaks allow water to seep into the motor and destroy it. Don’t forget to inspect filters. If they are fraying or falling apart, it’s time to replace them. Finally, take a look at the insulation inside the hot tub for signs of bugs, mice, or mold, by removing side panels.
  3. Clean the area around the tub: It’s a good idea to trim or remove overgrown shrubs and trees that may leave debris in your water. Also, clear out the path around the spa, especially of weeds. Now is a great time to scrub the outside panels, as well.
  4. Give your hot tub cover some care: Enjoy many years with your spa by caring for your cover. When you buy a hot tub cover from us you’ll find that our aluminum cover is easy to maintain with some mild soap and water to clean, followed by a little mild, non-abrasive car wax to inhibit fading.
  5. Turn on your spa: Now that everything thing has been scrubbed, it’s time to refill with fresh water, turn on the equipment, and inspect. You are looking to ensure all the parts are functioning as they should, such as the jets, control panel buttons, and Ozonator.
  6. Treat your water – Follow the steps necessary to test and then adjust the chemicals used within your water. This includes pH and alkalinity, hardness, clarifiers, shock treatments, and sanitizers.

Keep Your Spa Clean All Season Long with a Be-Lite Aluminum Cover

Begin an enjoyable soaking season after you have put your spa through the spring-cleaning steps above. Now is a good time to consider a replacement hot tub cover like you will find with Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers. Our product is like none other and will give you many years of durability and protection. We customize your cover to match your spa and your color scheme. You can even use our template designer to guide you through the correct steps to get the right fit. Contact us with your questions anytime. We’re here to help!

Contact our team today for custom-made hot tub covers online or call us at 707-864-8919.