Spending an evening soaking in a hot tub is one of the most relaxing things you can do. Warm water, soft music, and before you know it, the hectic day slips away. Prepping for that soak can be one of the most frustrating parts if you have to struggle with an old vinyl cover. After you finally get ready to step in, you may be too exhausted to enjoy your time in the tub.

Ease the physical exertion it takes to pull your cover off when you install a custom hot tub cover with a lift. The team at Be-Lite Spa Covers stands ready to help you find the best option for your spa. We understand the need to relax after a hard day at the office. Our covers have outstanding strength and durability.

How a Hot Tub Cover Lift Works

Are you ready to eliminate the time it takes to get into your tub? Consider a cover lift to make life much more comfortable. Here’s how it works:

  1. The lift mounts directly to the edge of your spa or to the deck. This gives it stability as it raises and lowers, so you do not have to worry about wobbling.
  2. Dual gas springs lift the cover effortlessly. You do not have to struggle with the latest yoga pose just so that you can remove your aluminum or vinyl cover!
  3. The locking feature keeps the cover in place. While your tub is in use, your custom hot tub cover is locked in place until you are ready to close things up.
  4. Your cover now becomes a privacy wall. As the lift opens and folds back the cover, you can enjoy a little privacy from the newly formed wall.
  5. Automatic Gates. An automated gate, as part of the perimeter fence, may assist establish a barrier that secures and protects children and pets.Looking for Automatic gates in Perth then you have good place.

 Why You Should Use a Cover Lift

Many spa owners fail to comprehend the beauty and function of a cover lift, especially if they are used to a flimsy vinyl cover. When you purchase a custom hot tub cover, you can reap the rewards of a safe option for your family and pets. The cover lift is easy to use and will save your back from twisting and lifting during removal.

Save Your Back and Invest in a Cover Lift

Enjoy more nights in your hot tub and less strain on your back when you invest in a cover lift for your spa. Get more mileage out of your warm water oasis with help from Be-Lite Spa Covers. Our durable, custom-fit aluminum hot tub covers are the perfect addition. We provide a variety of beautiful options to fit almost any décor. Work with our team of specialists to find the right size for your hot tub. We even walk you through the appropriate steps for a custom fit and provide a template designer for added convenience.

Contact our team today for your unique, custom-made, aluminum replacement hot tub cover online or call us at 707-864-8919.