The unofficial beginning of summer is Memorial Day, but we all know that summer really kicks off on July 4th. It seems that’s when memories of family cookouts are made. Even if that is not your typical scenario, there’s no denying that summertime is full of fun. Your spa is often the centerpiece of events and parties.

It is easy to let the lazy days of summer slow you down on regular maintenance of your hot tub. Ensure everything is in tip-top shape, including replacing any worn out hot tub covers with a durable aluminum one from a reputable company. Don’t let the season get away without proper care of your investment.

5 Tips to Keep Your Spa Running Well

Are you ready for some rest and relaxation this season? Maybe you and the family have decided that a staycation is on the horizon. Your backyard is the perfect place to be. Here are 5 tips to ensure you have an enjoyable summer hot tub season:

  1. Drain and Clean the Basin: A couple of times each year, the water needs to be completely drained, and the basin cleaned. Summer is an excellent time for this. Remove all the water. Then wash out the basin with a gentle cleanser as suggested by your manufacturer. Clean out filters, pumps, jets, and filter cases at this time, too.
  2. Refill and Balance: Once everything is clean, refill and ensure the water’s pH is balanced. There are many options to check the pH balance easily. This tip is key to keeping crystal clear water safe to soak in.
  3. Adjust the Temperature: Summertime brings a new dynamic to the temperature of your water. As the thermometer goes up, so will the temperature in the basin. For now, consider lowering the thermostat of your hot tub to compensate for the increased heat of the ambient air. It’s also wise to set your filtration system to run during the coolest times of the day. This step will help prevent your spa from overheating and shutting down.
  4. Keep It Covered: Prevent evaporation and debris by keeping your aluminum hot tub cover on when not in use. Be sure to remove the cover a couple of times a week to check things in the basin and give your cover a quick wipe down.
  5. Set Up a Schedule: Now that your spa is cleaned, keep it that way by establishing a regular schedule of daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal habits. Your commitment to regular maintenance will ensure years of fun times for everyone.

Increase Summertime Fun with a New Aluminum Hot Tub Cover

Protecting your investment with quality hot tub covers gives you more water time with family and friends. Be-Lite Aluminum Spa Covers manufactures quality covers to ensure safety while protecting your hot tub. Our product can handle almost anything that comes its way – pets, kids, and even snow. We provide a perfect fit with our template designer that guides you through the correct steps. Feel free to call us with any questions about hot tub covers.

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