As our children grow, we understand the importance of teaching them manners and responsibility. The end goal is to raise responsible adults who understand how to care for others and their possessions. Besides the drudgery of taking out the trash and cleaning their room, other chores can be more enjoyable. For example, it is much more fun to sweep out the hot tub than cut the grass. Why not take advantage of their youthful enthusiasm and invite them to help you on the regularly scheduled maintenance of the hot tub? Once you are done, you can all jump in and enjoy the warm bubbles.

Ensure the health of your hot tub and teach valuable lessons to your children when you enlist their help. Protect your investment with an aluminum spa cover from Be-Lite Spa Covers. We make covers that last for years with proper maintenance and can withstand lots of abuse. Reach out to us and discover the difference of using aluminum.

Encourage Responsibility during Regular Maintenance

Delegation is a valuable thing for parents while it teaches your children responsibility. Consider these avenues of engaging your kids in hot tub maintenance:

  • Cleaning the Hot Tub– There are various duties to take care of such as cleaning out debris with the water vac. They can take the garden hose to clean out the filters.
  • Testing the Water – Each week the PH balance needs to be checked. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, your kids can use strips and watch the colors change. Imagine having miniature chemistry lessons each week!
  • Caring for the Cover – Divide the total area of the cover down the middle and have a contest to see who can wash down their side the quickest and the cleanest. A little competition may spur them to enjoy the game.
  • Celebrate with a Family Night – Show your kids the benefits of taking care of investments by planning a family fun night in the hot tub. Grab snacks and play some fun music as you enjoy each other’s company.

Make Maintenance a Family Affair

Build memories while working together as you conduct the needed routine maintenance. It only takes a short time each week and a few easy steps to extend the life of your system and increase the life lessons for your family.

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