Soaking in warm water at the end of a long day makes the world’s cares fade away. So, you owe it to yourself to keep your warm oasis covered when not in use. Your hot tub jacuzzi cover will not only keep your water warm; it will prevent evaporation as well.

Make the best decision in Jacuzzi covers for your spa when you consider all the options available and avoid shopping by price alone. A Be-Lite aluminum spa cover is a perfect choice to give your investment the extra protection and insulation it needs. We make covers that last and are custom fit to your specific hot tub.

Items to Consider when Picking Out a New Cover

Online shopping is convenient and easy, but often tends to make us lazy. Do your research before you settle for a vinyl spa cover that’s advertised high up in your search. Also, don’t purchase based on price alone. Remember, your hot tub is an investment, and you want to protect it. Start here on your journey to a new cover:

  1. Pay Attention to the Shape and Size You Need –An ill-fitting cover will do very little to keep your water warm and debris out. Be sure to measure your hot tub correctly and include any add-ons such as waterfalls or speakers. You want a perfect fit for your Jacuzzi cover to give as much protection and longevity as possible.
  2. Consider the Thickness and Density of the Foam – Covers have foam in them as an insulation factor. The thicker the foam, the more insulating it is. Sometimes, homeowners choose covers made with recycled foam. While this sounds great, you may find that the recycled stuff soaks up water much faster than fresh foam and then ruins your hot tub.
  3. Think About the Safety of Your Family – The thicker the cover, the better it is at keeping things out. However, if you have children or pets, you should consider the sturdier option of an aluminum spa cover from Be-Lite. Our product holds up under the weight of snow, pets, and kids.
  4. Give Your Back a Break with a Cover Lift –You should not wear yourself out while attempting to remove or replace your hot tub cover. Choose a lift that will make life much more comfortable and increase your ability to enjoy your watery oasis regularly. You won’t dread going out on a cold day when you have help uncovering the warm basin.

Choose the Best – Choose Be-Lite Spa Covers

Remember that there is more to a new cover than a low price. Cheap products don’t last, and soon you will discover that your hot tub is working less efficiently because it is not appropriately protected. A custom-fit aluminum cover from Be-Lite alleviates the frustration of having the wrong type of covering on your spa. It will also give you the peace of mind that your family is safeguarded from potential accidents caused by a weak cover. We are happy to assist you in finding the right cover, and our template designer guides you through the correct steps for your custom fit. Please call us with any questions. We’re here to help!

Contact our team today for custom-made replacement Jacuzzi covers online or call us at 707-864-8919.