Teach Valuable Lessons to Your Kids with Hot Tub Maintenance -Tips for Family Bonding

As our children grow, we understand the importance of teaching them manners and responsibility. The end goal is to raise responsible adults who understand how to care for others and their possessions. Besides the drudgery of taking out the trash and cleaning their room, other chores can be more enjoyable. For example, it is much more fun to sweep out the hot tub than cut the grass. Why not take advantage of their youthful enthusiasm and invite them to help…

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Hot Tub Maintenance Tips to Keep the Fun Times Rolling

Spending the evening soaking in your hot tub is a relaxing way to end a hard day. Nothing can compare to feeling the jets push water around your tired limbs. Within minutes, your worries are carried far away. This is provided you don’t fail to keep up with maintenance. Without proper upkeep, your private oasis can quickly become a nightmare. Investing in your mental and physical health began when you bought your spa. Avoid losing out on the benefits by…

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Belite Spa Covers

Why You Should Replace Your Vinyl Spa Cover with an Aluminum Spa Cover

Investing in a spa is investing in your health. With a powerful combination of massage and hot water, you can quickly melt a hard day away after only a few minutes. You may find you have more energy, can sleep better, and feel more productive during your day. Spending time with loved ones in your warm water haven is a beautiful way to decompress and enjoy one another’s a company. Spas, however, do not come without their share of maintenance.…

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Our Aluminum Spa Covers have been covering spas and keeping children and pets safe for over 35 years. We use superior materials and hand make each cover. These customized covers are not a one and done cover, but will last for many years. Our Aluminum Spa Covers can hold up to 800 lbs; snow loads are no problem, they will support weight and won’t buckle in the middle. Make this the last spa cover you ever buy. Designer options/colors available. Call one of our customer service representatives today, we are here to answer your questions.

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